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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Toff gets covered in ‘dunny juice’

Toff got a disgusting surprise on I’m A Celebrity 2017 tonight.


It was Day 3 for the celebs and the campmates all started to wake up.

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Jennie said “I slept so brilliantly, it was obviously the full tummy from the meal that made me sleep. I think the guys who didn’t eat were not good though.”

Jamie went into the Bush Telegraph to chat, “You are waking up hungry and the thought of rice and beans is just not appealing. I know I keep going on about it and it’s boring but so is rice and beans.”

“All of us guys have been stuck in the Jungle and just had beans and rice the whole time and it hasn’t been nice” said Dennis.

Later in the morning Dennis and Toff went off together to clean the dunny.

“Shall we have a go at cleaning this dunny, I really don’t want to be looking at people’s s*** though” said Dennis as they walked up to the dunny.

As they were cleaning the dunny, Toff accidently dropped dunny juice on herself and she screamed ‘That’s absolutely disgusting.”

“I’m still unsure if it was my famous friend’s faeces or detergent” commented Toff.


Dennis was not enjoying cleaning the dunny.

I’m A Celebrity 2017 continues nightly on ITV at 9PM.