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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Vanessa White’s ‘Car-Cruel Karaoke’ fails don’t impress viewers

Duo had to hold LIVE creatures in their mouths for latest Bushtucker Trial

Jennie McAlpine and Vanessa White beat the boys on I’m A Celebrity 2017 by bringing back eight meals from the ‘Jungle Car-Cruel Karaoke’ Bushtucker Trial.


Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas managed just six stars when they were sealed in water tanks for Saturday’s food challenge.

It was the girls’ turn today when Jennie and Vanessa put themselves forward for the latest terrifying Trial.

“I think we’re going to be great at this one, we’re the dream team,” proclaimed Vanessa.

Meanwhile, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo was confident of their success. “I reckon these girls are tough, they’ll bring back seven or eight,” she predicted.

Jennie and Vanessa climbed in to the front seats of a rusty truck for ‘Car-Cruel Karaoke’, a jungle parody of James Corden’s hit Late Late Show segment ‘Carpool Karaoke’.


Ant and Dec explained that, taking turns, one of them would put headphones on and hum along to the popular song being played – while holding a live creature in their mouth.

The other player had to name both the song and its artist. The more right answers the duo gave, the more meals they’d win.

First, Vanessa hummed ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ while holding beach worms, before Jennie did ‘Living On A Prayer’ with a stick insect.

However, her partner couldn’t remember that Bon Jovi created the hit rock anthem, losing one star.

Next, a squeamish Vanessa collaborated with a king cricket on Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’.

“A few screams there that I don’t remember in the original lyrics,” joked Ant.


“You made it your own,” added Dec, quoting an X Factor-ism.

Jennie then had three witchetty grubs dangling on her chin during ‘Stop’ by the Spice Girls. This time, Vanessa knew the artist but not the title, although she got it after reciting the lyrics.

Round three saw Vanessa take a shot of cockroaches for Take That’s ‘Relight My Fire’, while Jennie had a cricket shot for Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.

Vanessa incorrectly named the band’s frontman George Michael as the artist, but a generous Ant gave her the star anyway. “It’s nearly Christmas after all,” he smiled.

im a celebrity 2017 trial vanessa jennie 1

In round four, Vanessa was joined by a yabbi for Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’, while Jennie held a giant cockroach during Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

For their final tracks, both came mouth-to-face with water spiders.


Vanessa was given ‘All Fired Up’, one of her own band The Saturdays’ hits. Jennie pegged the artist, but was unable to provide the title and lost the point.

As Ant and Dec revealed the answer, she reacted: “I’m so sorry, I love that song too!”

Vanessa White

Vanessa bagged one last star when Jennie hummed Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’.

The pair returned to camp with a spring in their step, having won eight out of ten meals – two more than Dennis and Jamie.


Describing the result as “very good”, Dennis said: “Me and Jamie are eating humble pie, because we only got 6!”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV.