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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Jamie Lomas, Shappi Khorsandi suffer another Dingo Dollar loss

Campmates miss out on crumpets after debating whether men would give up sex for £1million

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates suffered more Dingo Dollar misery yesterday as Jamie Lomas and Shappi Khorsandi returned without their buttered crumpets.


On Wednesday the group won a plate of strawberries and cream – but Amir Khan and Iain Lee sparked controversy by eating the treat themselves.

Jamie and Shappi had the chance to cheer everyone up when they visited a snake pit for the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge.

“Danger beware! There’s snakes in the grass, which must be collected before you can pass,” the instructions read.

“Their bite can be deadly, so handle with care, clear them all up and dollars you’ll share.”

Fortunately, the snakes were fake, and they successfully used giant hands to sort the multi-coloured serpents in to matching bins.

Shappi smiled: “It was hard work so hopefully now the camp will get the question right. “We can have a treat and we won’t eat it – promise!”


At the Outback Shack, Kiosk Keith had marshmallows or buttered crumpets on offer, and the duo picked the crumpets.

Keith called the other celebs at Croc Creek to pose the question that would unlock the reward. “In a recent survey, what percentage of British men said they’d give up sex for life for one million pounds – 36% or 56%?” he asked.

The cheeky teaser sparked another debate. “I wouldn’t give it up,” Dennis Wise insisted. “Stanley [Johnson] might be a different answer, because he’s 76 years old.

“I don’t know when it actually stops, you understand what I mean?”

However, Iain Lee claimed he’d rather have the money: “I’ve got two kids. That’s plenty and that’s all sex is for.”

Back at the Shack, Jamie wondered if Keith had taken the million pounds. “It’s that why he’s never got a smile on his face?” the Hollyoaks actor smirked.

Eventually, the campers answered 36% – but they were wrong and Keith slammed down the shutters. “Oh no, they must have asked Stanley,” quipped Shappi.


There was much shock in camp when they returned empty-handed. “I’d have said 36%, which is still too much, but the answer is 56%? Seriously?” wondered Jamie.

“I’m sorry, but where are they asking the questions, in church?”

Rebekah Vardy agreed: “It’s just ridiculous. Did they ask old people in old people’s home?”

Iain was also furious, jokingly accusing producers of making the stats up during a visit to the Bush Telegraph.

“Your Dingo Dollar Challenge questions are pulled out of dongo dingo whatever-his-name-is Keith’s ass,” he fumed.


“Although I’m not entitled to any of the treats today, I want to see the data on these. You are making the figures up, what is wrong with you people?!”

I’m A Celebrity 2017 airs nightly on ITV.