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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Jamie Lomas drenched in FISH GUTS as Toff wins four stars in latest Trial

Duo left stinking after offal 'Toxic Trauma' challenge

Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo won four meals for camp as Jamie Lomas was buried in FISH GUTS and OFFAL in the latest I’m A Celebrity 2017 Bushtucker Trial, ‘Toxic Trauma’.


The final five campmates got all excited yesterday morning, believing they were about to face the ITV show’s iconic ‘Celebrity Cyclone’ challenge.

However, they were getting ahead of themselves, as there was another Trial to face first – and a pretty grim one at that.

Jamie and Toff teamed up to face ‘Toxic Trauma’, and as hosts Ant and Dec explained, it would involve them moving ‘toxic waste’.

One player had to unlock barrels of waste and use a bucket to pour it down a pipe. To open the barrels, they had to obtain keys from ‘hell holes’ full of jungle creatures.

Meanwhile, the other would be stood in an underground waste disposal tank, with star markers running up its side.


That may sound like an easy job, but the catch was that they’d get covered in the disgusting gunge as it fell down the pipe.

“Each time the waste level passes one of the star markers, you’ll win that star,” explained Dec.

Both celebs wanted to transport the waste, but Toff won out, with Jamie agreeing to enter the tank.

The Made In Chelsea star got her first key, and opened a barrel to find it was full of fish guts, slime, and rotting offal.

“So sorry darling,” she remarked while covering Jamie in the foul-smelling mixture.

Ant and Dec encouraged her, saying: “That’s a good one, that is a good one.”


“Every time you say it’s a good one, it’s painful for me,” joked Jamie. “This is probably the smelliest I’ve ever been.”

Toff had a drenching of her own when a mass of cockroaches fell on her.

Continuing to shovel the waste, she said: “Guys, this is really physically tough. It’s so heavy, you don’t understand how heavy the guts are. They’re all tied together.”

Nonetheless, Toff kept pushing herself, and eventually the waste level passed the fourth star marker.

However, the ten-minute time limit expired before she could reach the fifth, meaning the duo left one short of a full house.

“I’m really tired, I’d like to think I’m fit but those plastic buckets… I couldn’t get it all in,” Toff said. “I want five, I’m not happy.”

Jamie described the task as “one of the worst things I’ve had to endure”.


Back in the comfort of the Bush Telegraph, Toff added: “I know I gave it everything and more. I’m a wounded soldier after that, I did my best.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow at the earlier time of 8.20pm on ITV. The grand final airs on Sunday at 9.00pm.