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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Iain and Stanley argue as girls earn advantage in ‘race against the elements’

Boys have a disagreement over their strategy in the latest challenge

The I’m A Celebrity 2017 girls came back from their Bushtucker Trial loss to win the second advantage in yesterday’s epic race across the Australian bush.


The celebs were split in to gender-based teams for an a trek through the jungle, involving two players from each side completing challenges based on the elements.

Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas were ahead after the ‘fire’ challenge, having earned a head start when the boys won Sunday’s live Bushtucker Trial.

Next was the ‘air’ challenge, which saw them abseil down a rock face while collecting pieces for the flag they needed to summon a helicopter at the end of the race.

The team that boarded their helicopter first would be rewarded with a slap-up feast.

Dennis struggled to reach his first piece as he descended the rock, giving their female rivals Rebekah Vardy and Shappi Khorsandi time to catch up.

Although the rival sides finally managed to encounter each other, the boys again managed to complete the task first, leaving the girls chasing them as they headed to their next stop.


Meanwhile, back in base camp, the other celebrities faced an ‘earth’ challenge in order to win their racers an advantage.

Each team was presented with a locked chest containing an earth flag, and two further boxes containing pebbles.

They had to count the pebbles to find the total number, 397, which was the combination needed to unlock the earth flag.

As the girls had one more player than the boys, Vanessa White agreed she’d even up the numbers by sitting out.

The girls came up with the idea of counting their pebbles in piles of ten, while the boys attempted to sabotage their chances by having Amir Khan distract them.

However, the boxer failed in his mission and turned his attention back to his own teammates, who were struggling to settle on a strategy.

This enabled the girls to find the combination and unlock their flag first. By doing so, they earned Rebekah and Shappi an advantage in the final ‘water’ challenge.


“We’ve redeemed ourselves, that has given us such a lift,” smiled Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo.

While the girls celebrated, the boys’ disagreement led to an argument between Iain Lee and Stanley Johnson.

“If you have piles of ten it is very easy to rectify along the way, we made a mistake,” Stanley said. “You are an obstinate man Iain, you are not ready to recognise that your system was wrong.”


“Stanley, you are the most obstinate person I’ve ever met,” Iain hit back. “If anyone dares raise a criticism or disagree with you, then they are obstinate.

“It’s a different point of view. We didn’t win it, fair enough.”