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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Dennis Wise, Vanessa White face four PIGS as Kiosk Keith gets a day off

It was Kiosk Kath manning the Outback Shack in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge

Dennis Wise and Vanessa White returned empty-handed after facing PIGS in a Dingo Dollar Challenge on I’m A Celebrity 2017 – while Kiosk Keith had a day off from the Outback Shack.


Yesterday it was Dennis and Vanessa’s turn to try and earn a treat for their campmates, and all they had to do was complete a jigsaw puzzle.

The catch was that the pieces were guarded by four pigs, hidden among the swill in their pen.

Dennis was intimidated by the farm animals. “That pig is about twice the size of me so I’m going to be a little bit worried about moving him,” the 5ft 6in footballer said.

“It’s difficult to walk into the pen into their territory and not know what they are capable of.”

Meanwhile, the stench of the sty left Vanessa heaving. “Oh no, that is so disgusting,” she recoiled.

The pair had to crawl on their hands and knees in search of their puzzle pieces, as more rotting vegetables were thrown in the trough.


Nonetheless, they persevered and completed the jigsaw, earning them a sack of Dingo Dollars.

There was a further surprise awaiting them when they reached the Outback Shack and found that Kiosk Keith was away.

“Manager Off Sick – under temporary management,” a sign on the door read.

Instead, it was Kiosk Kath manning the booth, and she offered Dennis and Vanessa a choice of truffles or Twiglets.

They agreed on the truffles, and Kath called the other celebrities at Croc Creek to pose their teaser question.

“What percentage of the British public say that a person’s class affects opportunities in life a great deal – 76% or 66%?” she asked.

Stanley Johnson advised they go for the lower number, and most of the others agreed – until Jamie Lomas said: “I would have thought it would be higher.”

“I think opportunities are what you make of them in life not what class you are from,” commented Rebekah Vardy.

Eventually, the campmates submitted the incorrect answer, 76% – meaning Dennis and Vanessa returned to camp empty-handed.


A “gutted and upset” Vanessa said: “We could have done with a truffle today having had our hands in s**t.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV.