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I’m A Celebrity 2017: Amir Khan redeems himself in the ‘Flushed Out’ Bushtucker Trial

Boxer gives food privileges to Stanley Johnson after earning camp's sixth Meal Ticket

Amir Khan has come back fighting from his Bushtucker Trial embarrassment on I’m A Celebrity 2017 by winning Stanley Johnson’s Meal Ticket in the ‘Flushed Out’ challenge.


Last night’s episode saw Amir teamed up with Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo for a ‘Critter-cal Rescue’.

However, he panicked when he pulled a snake out of a hell hole, and ended up quitting the Trial.

Always eager to see the celebs suffer, the public then voted for Amir to face another terrifying task.

When hosts Ant and Dec asked why he thought viewers picked him, the boxer said: “Maybe they found it funny, me being scared. Me being a world champion boxer but scared of little bugs.”

“He’s worked this show out, he’s finally worked the show out!” laughed Ant.

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The Geordie hosts explained that Amir would be locked in a tall, narrow tank, with numbered boxes up its sides.

As the tank slowly filled up, he had to use spanners to unlock the boxes in order, with each box containing the spanner that opened the next one.

The rising water wasn’t the only thing Amir had to contend with, as the spanners were guarded by various creatures.

Amir kept his cool working his way through the first six boxes, which contained eels, mud crabs, crayfish and yabbies.

However, he dropped the seventh spanner, forcing him to take a deep breath and dive underwater to retrieve it.

The two-time world champion managed to obtain the last spanner and let himself out the tank with seconds to spare.

As a result, he won the Trial and earned food for the five Meal Ticket holders, as well as a sixth Ticket to give to one campmate.


Afterwards, Amir said: “I was so focused. I wouldn’t let me team mates down in camp. It was so hard in there, honestly.

“I can go back now and make my camp smile.”

Back at Croc Creek, the celebrities congratulated Amir, who said he wanted Stanley to have the Meal Ticket.

The politician – this year’s oldest contestant, aged 77 – again tried to protest, but the group overruled him and awarded him food privileges.


“I’m touched beyond belief and I shall do my best to deserve the honour,” Stanley commented.

I’m A Celebrity continues tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.