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I’m A Celebrity 2018: Nick Knowles’ immunity victory leaves Harry Redknapp fuming

Football boss reckons the DIY SOS host was too involved in the Rancid Race

Harry Redknapp was left fuming when Team Galahs won immunity in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Rancid Race, suggesting Nick Knowles was too involved in the challenge.


The latest event in the Immunity Games, the Rancid Race saw the rival teams nominate members to go head-to-head drinking foul jungle concotions.

Five separate races took place, and the first celeb to finish their drink each time scored a point for their team.

At the end of the event, Team Galahs – Nick, Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Sair Khan – won safety from the first elimination, having earned the most points.

However, back in camp, Harry was annoyed that Nick had represented the Galahs in three of the races.

The only participation rule stipulated that all campmates had to compete in at least one race.

Despite this, Harry felt it would have been fairer if Nick had given one of his teammates a second go, rather than take three turns himself.


The football manager suggested some people weren’t being honest about their desires to win, saying: “All this cobblers about we don’t care who wins is a load of cobblers.

“It’s now dog eats dog. Otherwise, why would Nick go 3 times when he knows he can’t lose, when really it should have been 2, 2, 1?”

The DIY SOS host insisted he had only wanted to earn a meal, as losing teams only have rice and beans to eat.

Nonetheless, Harry was convinced his goal was actually the immunity.

“This is the man who goes to the rugby club and drinks pints of beer for fun. How are you going to beat him?” he fumed.

“We may have not bothered drinking that s***, let him win.”

Attempting to defend himself, Nick suggested: “If it was a swimming challenge, none of us would have beaten Malique.”


Harry hit back by claiming that Malique would have played such a game more fairly.

“He wouldn’t go 3 times, he’d go 2, 2, 1, that’s what should have happened,” he ranted.

“Listen let’s not kid ourselves, when the crunch comes everyone will be walking all over each other. Everyone wants to win, let’s not kid ourselves.”

Having observed the spat, Sair said in the Bush Telegraph: “I think it’s the football manager in him. He doesn’t like to be defeated.”

Meanwhile, Rita Simons commented: “We had our first heated debate. Some people really want to win, and I think Harry just wants people to admit it.”

Back in camp, Harry joked that Nick must have “no tonsils”, a quip that earned him some laughs from the other celebs.

“It’s going to be different challenges that we’re all good at,” mused Nick.


“I’m still trying to find one!” exclaimed Harry.

I’m A Celebrity continues every night at 9.00pm on ITV, with Extra Camp immediately afterwards on ITV2.