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I’m A Celebrity 2018: Malique, Nick and Sair win vote-off immunity in the Rancid Race

Team Galahs escape tonight's elimination after claiming victory in the Immunity Games

Malique Thompson-Dwyer, Nick Knowles and Sair Khan are safe from the first I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! vote-off after the Immunity Games continued with the Rancid Race.


Previously the campmates split in to four teams, battling against each other to escape tonight’s elimination.

After the first day of events, Team Roos – Fleur East, Harry Redknapp and James McVey – were in the lead with four points.

Yesterday the Games continued with all eleven celebs facing the prospect of downing disgusting drinks in the Rancid Race.

Hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby explained that there would be five races.

For each race, the teams nominated one member to line-up at the starting position. All of the celebs had to run at least one race.


On cue, the competitors then had to approach their podiums and finish their drinks. The first person to finish would earn one point for their team, with no points for the runners-up.

All of the bush beverages had a sports drink theme, and first up was blended pig eyes, a.k.a. ‘Pig Eye-sotonic’.

John Barrowman won the race, claiming a point for Team Koalas.

Next was ‘Raw Milk-shells’, or blended snails, with Malique appearing to finish first.

Harry argued that he hadn’t fully drunk the concoction, complaining: “He got more on him then down his gob.”

“Can we have a steward’s enquiry please?” called the Underdogs’ Noel Edmonds.

After producers reviewed the footage, Dec confirmed that Malique had won the point for Team Galahs.


Drink number three was ‘Iced Sea’, or fermented seaweed, with James scoring a point for the Roos.

The Vamps star compared the fluid to “salty soup”, while Rita Simons spluttered: “That was awful, it tasted like sick.”

The fourth shake was ‘Green Ant-ioxidant’, which as the name suggests featured blended green ants.

Noel leapt in to action, but ended up pouring lots of his drink down his front. “Oh no, I may have split a little bit,” he smirked.

Another steward’s enquiry ruled that Noel had wasted too much, and the point would go to Nick Knowles.

This meant the Galahs and the Roos were tied for first place heading in to the final round: ‘Orange Juice with Electro-s**tes’, or blended crocodile anus.


Nick again stepped up to mark and eventually polished the drink off in one, earning the last point.

Therefore, after Team Galahs won three points in the Rancid Race and six points overall, Dec and Holly announced that Malique, Nick and Sair had won safety from the first elimination.

However, it wasn’t the end of the Immunity Games, and one of the other teams would face immediate disqualification.

As the Koalas and the Underdogs were in joint last place, with four points each, they had to face a tie-breaker round.

John and Noel volunteered to down ‘Crap-ple Juice’, a blend of cockroaches, mealworms and crickets.

Again, Noel ended up spilling most of his drink, forcing bosses to check the footage.

“Apparently you had some left in your glass as well as too much split down your front,” Dec said, delivering their ruling.

This meant that the Underdogs had lost the challenge, and Noel and Rita would definitely face the public vote-off.


As the second and third place teams, the Roos and the Koalas would later get one more shot at safety in the fourth and final event.

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.