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I’m A Celebrity 2018: Fleur East, John Barrowman escape vote-off in last Immunity Games event

Anne Hegerty quit cycling challenge as celebs got one last shot at safety

Fleur East and John Barrowman escaped the first I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! elimination when the Immunity Games concluded with an individual cycling event.


Over the past two days, the celebs have been competing in teams to win safety from the first vote-off of the series.

After winning the Rancid Race event, Team Galahs were rewarded with immunity, while the losing Underdogs found out they’d definitely face the axe.

As the second and third placed teams, the Koalas and the Roos were later given one last chance to save themselves in the final event of the Games.

This time, there were no teams, with every campmate playing for themselves.

Arriving at the jungle velodrome, the six competitors found out they’d have to pedal static bicycles continuously while catching gold medals dropping overhead.

If, at any point, a celeb stopped cycling, they’d lose all their medals and have to start again.


The two people that had the most medals once time had expired would be declared the winners.

Anne Hegerty quickly realised that medals wouldn’t be the only things dropping on them.

Having previously said that she didn’t want immunity and was ready to go home, she opted not to participate, calling out: “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”

Explaining her decision, she said: “We’re not going to be alone in there, there’s going to be critters and I don’t think I’m up for this.

“It’s only the top two people in this trial that were going to get anything out of this and I was never going to be one of those people.”

As expected, critters soon began showering on the bikes. “They stink like rotten poo sick,” remarked Harry Redknapp.

The football manager then stopped pedalling when beach worms were dropped on him.


“I had about seven medals while everyone else had two, but I missed a beat on my pedals and lost the lot,” he sighed.

Following a cricket drop, biting green ants then started nipping at the celebs.

James McVey called the challenge “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done”, with Fleur agreeing: “It’s really grim.”

Eventually, Fleur and John had picked up the most medals, meaning they would avoid becoming the first person voted off.

In addition, they’d get to join fellow immune campmates Malique Thompson-Dwyer, Nick Knowles and Sair Khan in enjoying dinner, as everyone else ate rice and beans.

“I was so relieved, I’ve got a family of bugs in my hair but I’ve got a meal tonight and I have at least one more day in the jungle,” commented Fleur.

Meanwhile, Emily Atack was disappointed that she didn’t go the distance.


“It was hard but I didn’t give up,” she said. “I hope I don’t go. It will be a sad day no matter what as someone has to go, but I hope it’s not me.”

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.