tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Tonight's Big Brother highlights - Faye and Tom argue!

There are arguments, tears and romance all in tonight's Big Brother highlights. As the YES! shopping task continues, with Heaven taking a bungee jump, tensions amongst the group finally snap, and Tom and Faye have a shouting match in the bedroom. Meanwhile, Aden is tears while the night ends with Jay and Maisy in the same bed!Tune in from 10PM on Channel 5 tonight to get the latest house action.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: The X Factor 2011 hopefuls - our ones to watch!

With all the X Factor 2011 auditions now over and boot camp coming up this weekend, we've selected our own personal contenders from the hopefuls. Read to have a look at the eight acts we reckon could go far on the competition, based on little more than personal opinion!Add your comments below and tell us whether you agree with our picks, and list your own favourites so far!PICS: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

tellymix logo thumbnail Pictures: Big Brother makes Heaven Africa bungee jump into the house!

As part of this week's shopping task, the Big Brother 2011 housemates have been answering yes to all of Big Brother's wacky requests. Today it was the turn of Heaven, and Big Brother asked the holistic healer whether she wanted to take a bungee dive into the house...Check out the pictures below as Heaven plummeted from a crane into the garden!The scenes will air on tomorrow night's show.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Latest from this week's Big Brother YES! shopping task

Big Brother has been toying with the housemates for this week's shopping task - giving them what they've been asking for since they entered. For Alex, it was a spray tan, for Jay, some much needed protein, and for Aaron... a one night stand with Louise.But of course, Big Brother - being the evil sod that he is - gave the group a little more than they wanted. Alex had to have FOUR spray tans in a row, while Jay was asked to eat THREE whole chickens. And Big Brother's idea of a one night stand? Standing back to back in the garden all night.Check out the pictures below...

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Check out The X Factor 2011 bootcamp hopefuls!

Just 187 hopefuls made it past the harsher than ever X Factor panel this year and here are some of the acts still left in the competition. Read for pics of the boot camp hopefuls as they battle it out for a place in the final 32 contestants this Saturday and Sunday.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: The X Factor 2011 bootcamp!

Ahh! It's almost time for bootcamp, where we'll finally get to see what on earth wacky Kitty Brucknell was up to as she performed in THAT glowstick dress. Read on for a bunch of pictures from this weekend's tense double bill, as the 187 remaining hopefuls become just 32.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Cast of TOWIE looking hotter than ever in new promo shots!

Amy who? The cast of The Only Way Is Essex are looking more stunning than ever in these promo shots for the new series. Newly single Kirk Norcross can't seem to believe is luck as he poses between the show's leading ladies, following his split from Lauren Pope this summer.To catch up on all the goings on, check out TOWIE: Reem All About It tomorrow night on ITV2 at 10PM.The Only Way Is Essex airs from Sunday on ITV2 at 10:15PM.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Tonight's Big Brother! Rebeckah and Heaven row, Aaron and Faye go on a date!

It's another smashing episode of Big Brother 2011 tonight, and it's packed full of drama as Rebeckah and Heaven have a huge argument throughout the house. Meanwhile, Faye is set a secret kissing task which sees her go on a romantic dinner date with Aaron!Big Brother 2011 airs tonight on Channel 5 at 10PM.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: The X Factor 2011 auditions - Week 5, Sunday show!

It's the FINAL X Factor 2011 audition show tonight, as the last hopefuls take to the stage in front of the judges up and down the country. From Cardiff to Manchester, Glasgow to London, hopefuls from across the UK feature in tonight's show, including Bradley Johnson, Carolynne Poole and Max Vickers.The X Factor 2011 airs at 8PM on ITV1 tonight.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: The X Factor 2011 auditions - Week 5, Saturday show!

It's the penultimate X Factor 2011 audition show tonight, but there's no let up in the talent as Irish babe Melanie McCabe takes to the stage and John Wilding returns. Auditions then move to Cardiff where John Adams and Michelle Barrett provoke very different reactions from the judges! Check out the pictures below...The X Factor 2011 airs at 8PM on ITV1 tonight.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Tashie Jackson evicted from Big Brother 2011!

Tashie Jackson became the first evictee of Big Brother 2011 this evening, after receiving the fewest votes against Harry and Aaron. Read on for pictures as Tashie became the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house, in tears, to lots of boos...

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Tonight's Big Brother 2011 highlights: Tom and Rebeckah snog!

It's another action packed Big Brother 201 highlights tonight. Not only is there the impending eviction of eitherTashie, Harry or Aaron, but also all of the mayhem from last night's party! The housemates all took part a game of truth or dare that saw quite a bit of snogging between the housemates!Tune into Big Brother 2011's live eviction show tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM and again at 11PM.

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Big Brother 2011 housemates gunged in this week's shopping task!

For this week's Big Brother shopping task, the housemates got messy as they dunked their heads in gunge and got covered in 'Brain Sick' in order to win up to...

tellymix logo thumbnail In Pictures: Tears and nominations on tonight's Big Brother 2011!

It's the first nominations on tonight's Big Brother 2011, and there are tears and arguments as the housemates vote for the first time. There's tension as Tashie confronts Heaven over...