PICTURES! Big Brother 2012 housemates get pied!

becky cream pie

Yesterday, Big Brother gave the housemates in the main house the chance to win a reward for Luke S and Conor in the white room.

Housemates have been playing a game of Time Pies. Housemates were told if at least three of them passed the task, then Big Brother would reward the Housemates in the White Room with a cream tea, and the other Housemates with a post-eviction party.

All they had to do was count to a minute, giving themselves a pie in the face to indicate to Big Brother when they felt a minute was up.

However, as only 2 Housemates passed the task, and all Housemates will receive nothing.

And Luke S wasn't pleased, moaning: "F**k me... how can you not count to 60 seconds? 38 seconds? It's not even close!"

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