PICTURES! Latest from The Only Way Is Essex!


The Only Way is Essex continues on ITV2 tonight, and here's a sneak peek at what's to come.

Carol, Big Mark and Nanny Pat discuss Jess and Ricky's relationship while Sam & Billie confront Arg about his argument with Lydia at Joey's 80's party.

Gemma gets some motherly advice from Joan Collins about her relation with Arg and Jess discusses her doubts about Ricky with her mum Carol.

Meanwhile, oblivious to Jess's doubts, Ricky has a beer with the lads and Mick confronts Arg about his behaviour towards Lydia at the 80's party.

Gemma and Bobby unwind with a session of relexology and Gemma opens up about her relationship troubles.

The Only Way Is Essex airs at 10PM tonight on ITV2.

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