PICTURES! Tonight's The Voice UK first battle rounds!

Voice UK battles - Joelle Moses v Jenny Jones

The Voice UK battle rounds kick off tonight with the first half of 20 singing fights, and here are the pictures!

Kicking off the show are [tag]Joelle Moses[/tag] and [tag]Jenny Jones[/tag] for Team Will, followed by [tag]Max Milner[/tag] take on [tag]Bill Downs[/tag] fighting on behalf of Team Danny.

[tag]Sam Buttery[/tag] takes on Aundrea Nyle while [tag]Kirsten Joy[/tag] faces [tag]Toni Warne[/tag].

[tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] sees an unlikely opponent in the form of [tag]Vince Freeman[/tag] while [tag]Tyler James[/tag] is singing against Heshima Thompson.

[tag]Vince Kidd[/tag] then performances with [tag]Jessica Hammond[/tag] before [tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag] is seen taking on [tag]Jay Norton[/tag].

Finally, [tag]Ruth Brown[/tag] and Denise Pearson go head to head on Team Tom.

Tune into the Voice UK tonight at 7PM on BBC one to watch the battles and find out the results.

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