The Voice UK finalists: Live show top 20... so far!

Tyler James

The first nine of The Voice UK live finalists have been revealed. Read on to see who has made The Voice 2012 Top 20 so far...

For Team Will, [tag]Joelle Moses[/tag], [tag]Tyler James[/tag] and [tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag] were chosen as the winners of their battle to make the live shows.

Danny selected [tag]Max Milner[/tag] and [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] while Jessie J selected [tag]Vince Kidd[/tag] and [tag]Toni Warne[/tag] to make the lives for her team.

Finally, Sir Tom opted for [tag]Sam Buttery[/tag] and [tag]Ruth Brown[/tag] to be the first members in his team.

There's still 11 more spots to fill, so tune into The Voice UK on BBC One again on Sunday night at 7:30PM to see who joins them!

Browse pictures of The Voice UK top 20 so far below...

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