Dermot O'Leary hosts The X Factor 2012 auditions in Newcastle!

X Factor 2012 auditions Newcastle

The X Factor 2012 auditions continued their hunt for budding singers in Newcastle yesterday, as some enthusiastic performers camped up from 3AM to show off their voices!

It was the first time that auditions have taken place in the city in nearly six years, and despite there being no judges yet, plenty still turned up for the chance of stardom.

TellyMix's Dean Maynard was at the Metro Arena in the city for us, and got the chance to speak to some of the hopefuls as Dermot O'Leary filmed those all important crowd shots.

Those singing for the producers included a wide range of members of the public as always, from young students to postmen in their forties, such as Stephen Kent.

He said: “I deliver parcels every day and I sing on my round. I reckon I’m the next best package."

Auditions move to Manchester next weekend, before visiting Glasgow, Cardiff and London between now and Mid-April.

Browse some pictures from the X Factor 2012 auditions below...

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