In Pictures: Big Brother eyes over the last decade!

Big Brother 2011 eye

With Channel 5 releasing the new Big Brother 2011 eye last night, we decided to take a look back at the other brilliant and, er, less brilliant designs over the past decade. Since series two, each year the of the hit reality show has been associated with a unique eye design.

From hypnotism to fingerprints, shattered glass to split personalities, a number of concepts have been explored in the designs over the years and Channel 5 has continued that with its new "straight talking eye".

Jeff Ford, Channel 5, Director of Programmes said this about the new design: "The new branding really jumps off the page for us and something that I think symbolises Channel 5’s values: straight-talking, direct and not afraid to be different.

“I am really proud of the work the creative team have done to develop the branding for the show, which will set the tone for the whole series.”

Take a look at the eyes over the years below...

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