Pictures: Alexandra Burke 'surprises' shoppers in London's Westfield shopping centre

Alexandra Burke

This is the moment X Factor winner Alexandra Burke 'surprised' shoppers by making an impromptu live performance in the middle of London's Westfield shopping centre. We say surprised, however given all of the equipment including speakers, posters and barriers we find it hard to believe anyone was too taken aback by the appearance...

Alex performed her top hit 'Bad Boys' for a her latest television advert for woman's deodorant Sure.

“Today has been amazing!" Alex said. "The crowd was fantastic, and after their initial surprise they all really got moving. The best thing was everyone got their jingle bells shaking to the music too.”

Natalie, 21, North London, was in the audience: “Alexandra Burke was brilliant! I’ve been texting all my friends to tell them what just happened, and they’re so jealous they missed it. I still can’t believe it!”

Look out for footage of Alexandra Burke performing her live pop up gig for Sure at

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