Celebrity Big Brother 2018 spoilers! See tonight's latest highlights...

Here are all of the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

In this evening's episode, the housemates all take on a series of random tasks for special prizes.

Big Brother gathers the remaining eight celebs at the start of the show to announce the challenge.

"Today there are a number of special prizes up for grabs - but Big Brother is going to make you work for them," Big Brother explained.

Throughout the house, from the sauna and garden to the kitchen and toilet, were a series of podiums.

Big Brother explained: "At various times throughout the day, specific podiums will light up and chosen housemates will have a limited amount of time to find the correct podium and press the button.

"A task will then be given to that housemate which they can either choose to accept or decline."

If housemates accept - and pass - their task, they will win a mystery special reward.

But if they fail, or said no, they win nothing.

The tasks see Wayne and Ashley getting a 10 layer spray tan and Amanda, Shane L and Ann dancing non-stop.

In another challenge, Malika and Shane J have to work together to complete a giant buzzer game.

Who passed and the reward they are all playing for will be revealed in this evening's episode.

Meanwhile, Channel 5 has confirmed that nominations for Tuesday's latest eviction will be revealed in tomorrow's episode.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly.

This evening's episode airs at 9PM on Channel 5.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final takes place on Friday, February 2.