Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Men and women fight for power to nominate

The men and women battle for the power to nominate in tonight's episode.

Currently 11 housemates remain and THREE will be leaving this Friday night in a shock triple eviction.

Once again, it's be Men v Women for the next twist as the two gender groups compete for the power to nominate.

And for their latest challenge, the housemates have gone back to basics - quite literally.

After being voted the bossiest housemates by viewers, Ann is leading the girls and Wayne is in charge of the boys.

Yesterday housemates awoke to find all luxuries had gone, replaced by basic rations.

The two rival groups are having to compete in a series of survival tasks to win the power to nominate.

Last night the ladies took an early lead as they won the first competition to build rafts.

Tonight's show (Thursday) will see the overall winners of the task revealed.

The members of the winning team will then have to nominate there and then, face to face.

The housemates who end up being nominated for eviction will face the public vote and three will leave in Friday night's next live show.

Elsewhere in tonight's highlights, Andrew offers to comfort Ashley. Andrew lets Ashley know he's there for her if she needs a cuddle or more

Amanda and Shane J discuss Ann's influence over Jess and Housemates describe their sex lives. Some of the housemates play a game of naming your sex life after a film title.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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