PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2017 secret eviction shock as one housemate leaves

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 as one housemate is evicted.

In tonight's show, It’s Celebrity Big Brother Hijack day in the house. Ex-housemates Karthik, Marissa, Jordan, Brandi and Paul have returned to take over the house.

Karthik raps into bedroom speakers and wakes the housemates.

Marissa is the next ex-housemate to take over the house. Talking to Shaun from the house speakers, she says, “It’s payback time. Get your arse into the diary room.” She instructs Shaun to wear a dog costume, sit in a dog kennel and act like a canine. She tells him, “Today you’re my b**ch!”

Jordan then gives Sam a secret task. Sam must go on a ‘date’ with Amelia. During the date, Jordan gives Sam instructions on what to do via a secret earpiece

Brandi is the next ex-housemate to take over the house. Over the speaker, she instructs the housemates to sit on the sofa. Brandi then starts to read out comments spoken by housemates about each other. The housemates must guess who said them


Paul is the final ex-housemate to hijack the house. He conducts a game of ‘Do What Dangerous Danan Says’

The evicted housemates surprise everyone with a party. Everyone is excited, especially Jordan and Sam.

During the party, Paul and Brandi gives Amelia relationship advice about Sam. Brandi tells her “It’s not coming across as genuine, even to his best friend.”

Amelia later confronts Sam about what people have been telling her.

Housemates and ex-housemates gather on the sofas to say their goodbyes. Big Brother makes a sudden announcement that one person will be leaving the house tonight.

Big Brother announces that the remaining six housemates are officially finalists