PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother latest as it all kicks off (again)

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

And it's another night of explosive rows.

In this evening's episode, Paul thanks Jordan and Sam for supporting him in the argument with Sarah. “You’ve got my back. I never expected to meet two people who would be that quick to help”

Paul later also talks to Jemma and Sandi about his argument with Sarah; “I’m trying to work a thing in my life at the moment, where I have to try and forgive. It’s for me, it’s not for them.”

Meanwhile, Sam and Trisha are talking about nominations; “If I have to stay in this house with Sarah, I’m going to self evict. I’m not staying in the house with her”

Jordan and Chad talk about the tensions in the house. Jordan says; “It’s like playground. It’s like being back in school”

Sarah and Paul the make amends in the garden, and talk about last night’s argument. Sarah blames Jemma for turning the house on her.

Paul advises her to stay away; “I think you should just try and stay as clear as possible away from her. She’s trying to get a rise out of you”

Sarah agrees and says; “I’m sorry, but she’s not a nice person.”

The Girls Aloud goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about Jemma; “ I just don’t want to be associated with all the drama anymore. I haven’t got any time or energy for it”

Outside, Paul and Jemma argue over Paul’s decision to apologise to Sarah.

Elsewhere tonight, Big Brother brings Sandi to the diary room for a secret mission, Chad and Sarah give Karthik a makeover and Chad reveals feelings for Sarah.

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening from 8:30PM.

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