PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations end in tears

Here are all of the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

It’s the third day of this week’s task. Paul, Helen, Amelia, Shaun, Derek, Brandi and Sam are VIP members of the Big Brother Club. They are immune from eviction. The remaining housemates, known as the ‘riff raff’, must continue to wait on them hand and foot

To conclude the task, Big Brother gathers the VIP’s to the private members club. The ‘riff raff’ secretly watch from the living room. The VIP’s shred Trisha’s membership card as she took the previous temptation of eating pizza and therefore lost her place. The VIP’s must then shred three more housemate memberships and explain why.

The first person up for eviction is Karthik. The second housemate they choose is Sara. The final housemate they decide is Chad.

Therefore the housemates who face eviction are Marissa, Trisha, Sarah, Karthik and Chad.

After watching on from the living room, Sarah goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother: “I don’t know who to trust anymore. I just don’t feel like I belong here anymore.”

Later, Sandi is comforting Sarah in the living room, who is still feeling down. Speaking of her Big Brother experience, Sarah says; “We’re living in a bubble. Everything is magnified.” Sandi tells her; “Stay positive, be you and do you.”

In the bedroom, things come to a head when Chad and Sarah are talking about the house divide. Paul walks into the bedroom and everybody stops talking.

“If anybody has something to say, say it to my f**king face!” he tells the room.

Sarah responds, “Stop acting psycho, Paul. You’re a hypocrite and you’re a snide.”

Elsewhere in tonight's episode Big Brother calls Paul into the diary room to talk about his disagreement with Karthik.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jordan is talking to Paul and Sam about Marissa; “I was thinking, she obviously wants to use me, for pap shots and press.” Sam responds, “You’ve got to remember, her show has just been cancelled in the states!”

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