PICTURES! Love Island 2017 couples enjoy a final night prom

The Love Island 2017 couples enjoy a final night prom in tonight's episode.

After seven weeks, it’s the final night in the Love Island villa in this evening's show, and emotions run high for the four remaining couples as they make their heartfelt declarations to one another.

Meanwhile, there’s some light relief earlier in the day when two dance coaches descend on the villa to train the islanders up in some tango moves, which have a few disastrous results for Camilla and Jamie.

Camilla admitted: “Jamie and I had a couple of hiccups. He may have accidentally punched me in the stomach and I accidentally head butted him.”

But for some of the couples, the lesson proved fruitful in more ways than one, with Amber confessing: “The chemistry, the connection, really taking it seriously. I was turned on a bit actually.”

To prepare for the night ahead, the four girls were whisked out of the villa for an afternoon of pampering, indulgence… and dress shopping.

"Girls, it’s now time to go shopping for your prom dress. Please get ready to leave the villa. #promqueens #allaboutthedress," a text read.

Then as prom night got underway in the villa, it was time for the islanders to reflect on their summer of love, with the declarations leaving both Amber and Camilla overcome with emotion.

Earlier in the day, the islanders were tasked with laying their hearts on the line and drafting a declaration of love for their partner.

This proved an exciting prospect for Chris, who admitted: “I’ve just got a way with words. And I’ve got neat writing as well. Really neat handwriting; so for me I love writing, I love being a little bit creative.”

Amber had one clear intention: “I don’t want to be too cringe, but I want to make him cry.”

With the girls questioning a coy Camilla on whether she would declare her love for Jamie, she teased: “I have not felt this way for someone for a really, really long time.”

As the sun set and the prom night began, one by one each of the couples stepped forward to come clean about what the past seven weeks had meant to them.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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