PICTURES! Big Brother 2017 housemates escape on Chanelle's birthday

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

In this evening's episode, Big Brother sets the house a secret mission, to avoid showing Chanelle any birthday attention in order to win her a surprise birthday party.

Later, Big Brother is unimpressed with the condition of the house, and asks the housemates to work together to clean up. Chanelle is annoyed by this because it’s her birthday.

Big Brother then sets Deborah a secret mission; she must talk constantly about how great her previous birthdays have been, whilst still ignoring the fact that today is Chanelle’s birthday.

Chanelle comes to the diary room to speak to Big Brother about how upset she is that her birthday has been ruined. She tells Big Brother she wants to go home; “It’s my f***ing birthday. I just want to go home, I want to be with my friends and family at home”

Chanelle leaves the dairy room. Housemates are waiting at the bottom of the stairs, shouting ‘SURPRISE’, wearing masks of her face and throwing confetti. The house is dressed with balloons and towers of cakes and doughnuts.

The boys dance for Chanelle and when it’s his turn, Kieran lays Chanelle down on the floor and begins to take his clothes off.

During the party, some of the housemates are gathered around the sofa, while Ellie is in the Diary Room. Isabelle mentions Ellie has a boyfriend.

Sam reacts defensively; “I’m not her boyfriend, I’m just f***ing chilling”, he continued saying “I don’t want a bird” and “I don’t want everyone to think I’m in a relationship because I’m not”

Raph, Chanelle, Sam and Isabelle then decide to escape the Big Brother house via the fire escape for a prank but are quickly ushered back inside by security.

Elsewhere in tonight's LIVE show, three housemates will make their exits with already evicted Sam leaving alongside two others in a double eviction.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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