PICTURES! Big Brother 2017 nominations begin as housemates go on 'The Hunt'

Here are all of the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2017 as The Hunt nominations takes begin.

In The Hunt, housemates will face a series of challenges that will force them to challenge each other in order to be saved from the public vote.

The first is called The Punishing Parcel where housemates must pass the parcel to the person they want to target for nomination, that person will remove a layer from the parcel, and if the layer is blank they will parcel the parcel on until someone reveals the target layer.

The housemate to reveal the target layer will automatically face the public vote. Chanelle is the first victim of the hunt and is therefore nominated for eviction this week.

Chanelle talks to Big Brother in the diary room about being the first victim of the hunt and said she wasn’t surprised to be the target.

The Hunt task continues with the housemates taking part in a buzzer style game based on tweets from the public about housemates. If they get the answer right, they will remove a life from a fellow housemate. The first housemate to loose all three lives will be targeted for nomination.


Simon looses all three of her lives and becomes the second victim of The Hunt and will face eviction this week.

In the aftermath, Simone tells Sue that she’s going to do more pranks if she survives eviction and Sue tells Simone that Andrew will never face nomination as he’s blended into the house, but says Andrew has turned on both Simone and Sue “like poison”.

Sue calls Andrew “the most devious snake in here”.

Meanwhile, Andrew talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Simone and says he feels she is trying to tarnish his personality. He says that Sue is very serious and is dragging him into draining conversations and he wants more fun.

Elsewhere, Sam and Ellie get close in Rose Cottage and complain that they are sexually frustrated and kiss in bed.


Sue is venting in the living room to Simone and Hannah and talks about the impact she has had on the house. Andrew is agitated with how noisy they are being and listens to them from Thorn Cottage.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.