PICTURES! Big Brother 2017's latest rows, tears and tasks

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2017 hihglights.

And there is plenty going on, starting with a worse for wear Ellie who wakes up feeling apologetic towards Lotan

In the smoking area, Ellie apologises to Lotan, she says; “The moral of the story is don’t put Ellie in a house with a Dreamboy!” Lotan tells her; “I’ve pulled back a bit. I need to appreciate that you have thoughts and feelings… when you’re drunk, you go a certain way and it can be perceived to other people that I’m leading you on. I just don’t know how to tread.”

Big Brother sets Chanelle and Kieran a secret task of hiding gnomes all over the house, without the other housemates knowing. The pair are unaware that Big Brother has also set the other housemates a secret task, which is to remove the gnomes that Chanelle and Kieran hide all over the house.

None of the housemates know that the gnomes will get bigger and bigger throughout the task. Chanelle and Rebecca are both given ear pieces as part of the secret tasks

Housemates are playing truth or dare. Kieran is dared to perform a lap dance to a housemate, he performs for Joe

Joe is dared to say which housemate is not being their true self; “It’s hard. Rebecca. The reason is I’ve heard a few times you say you’re different on the outside to what you are in the inside. Take it or leave it.” Rebecca remains silent

In the smoking area, Rebecca tells Joe; “I think you don’t like me.” Joe replies; “It’s not that I don’t like you, you irritate me.” Rebecca tells Joe as she walks away; “You’re a nasty person!”

Some of the housemates are talking in a bedroom. Rebecca states; “Joe is a nasty man. I don’t expect anyone to stick up for me.” Rebecca feels Kieran should have stuck up for her

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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