The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Megan in tears again as Gemma's clinic visit dawns

TOWIE spoilers

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight and there are more tears.

Firstly, it's a big day for Gemma Collins after revealing her hopes of starting a family.

In tonight's show, she goes to the clinic for the verdict on her fertility options, but as she mulls over her predicament before hand with Carol and Debbie, everyone gets emotional when her mum Joan talks about being adopted and meeting her real mother.

Having met with the specialist, Gemma turns to Bobby in her hour of need as the reality of her situation takes hold, as the tears yet again flow...

Meanwhile, the girls console Megan McKenna as she again tears up over her break up with Pete Wicks and the ongoing rumours flying around about she and an ex.


There's some light relief though in the form of she and Amber T's good friends Jack and Jordan who are determined to cheer the two girls up after their recent relationship woes.

Later, Megan and Pete come face to face for the first time since their split - can they part of good terms?

Elsewhere, Having initially assured Jamie that he and Amber T hadn't shared a room out in Tenerife, Jamie is quick to confront Dan on what he considers his deceit, but will Dan come clean about what really happened?

Plus, Charlie is eager to apologise to Bobby for his comments about Bobby's diet and lifestyle, but can Bobby forgive or has their recently rekindled friendship already suffered a set back?

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday 5th April at 10pm on ITVBe.