The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Chloe L's shocking Dan revelation

TOWIE spoilers

The Only Way Is Essex is back tonight and here's a spoiler filled preview of the latest drama.

In this evening's episode, as Amber T and Dan's relationship continues to be the talk of Essex, the girls remain wary about Amber T.

The plot later thickens when Chloe L later has a shocking admission for Kate and Georgia about Dan...

Amber vents to Megan after her argument with Chloe M, and later comes face to face with Courtney to chat about the girl band conflict. As Courtney struggles to defend Chloe M, Amber T is quick to pour scorn on her former friend.

Meanwhile, Gemma's egg freezing mission steps up a gear as she goes to see a specialist, with Bobby and Chloe S in tow for moral support. Gemma gets tearful as she explains her predicament - can she really go through with it?


Elsewhere, Megan and Pete arrange a 'triple date' dinner with Lockie and Yazmin and Tommy and Georgia, but Yazmin is dismayed when Tommy and Georgia, remaining loyal to Daniella, fail to show, and puts paid to any chance of a future friendship between them.

Pete then makes a joke about Amber T which doesn't go down well with Megan...

In lighter hearted developments, Courtney celebrates her one week relationship with Myles by setting some relationship ground rules.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex tonight on Wednesday 22nd March at 10pm on ITVBe.

TOWIE continues Wednesday and Sunday nights at 10PM on ITVBe.