The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Lydia Bright and Gemma Collins face off

Lydia Bright and Gemma Collins face off in tonight's The Only Way Is Essex.

In tonight's show, with Lydia back in Essex, Gemma is in turmoil over coming face to face with her, after THOSE recent Arg revelations.

Lydia meanwhile continues to express her shock at Gemma's admission about sleeping with Arg, but when they see one another at Tommy and Georgia's Irish party, is Lydia prepared to clear the air or is are Gemma's antics a step too far?

Meanwhile, Amber T's dishonesty starts to catch up with her, as Megan warns her that her break up with Jamie is about to get nasty.

Dan is uncertain on his next moves with Amber T, who herself gets emotional as the magnitude of her split gets to her.


Jamie seeks out Chloe M for her perspective on the situation, while Chloe M decides she needs to speak to Amber T after their fall out.

Elsewhere, Megan and Yaz continue to build bridges as they spend time with Pete and Lockie, and later Yaz admits that Lockie may indeed be the one.

Plus on tonight's show, several familiar faces are back in Essex, as Chloe S mulls over her Liam break up with Mario, and Nathan and Cara pay a visit to Tommy and Georgia's party.

And finally tonight, Courtney is thrilled when Myles makes a big gesture, and with their relationship stepping up a gear, are they about to go official?

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex tonight, Wednesday 15th March, at 10pm on ITVBe.