The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Amber T and Georgia in awkward showdown

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight on ITVBe and here's a spoiler filled first look.

On tonight's show at 10PM, Amber T has an awkward encounter with an outspoken Georgia, who pulls her up on her recent behaviour, and pleads forgiveness with best friend Megan over her dishonesty.

After Jamie confronts Dan about the truth behind the rumours, Jamie and Amber T meet up to discuss the situation, but as Amber T gets tearful, can their relationship survive recent scandals?

Plus a big revelation comes to light about how far Dan and Amber T actually went...

Elsewhere, Pete and Megan both reflect separately on their rather rocky relationship.

Pete raises the possibility of relationship counselling with Lockie while seeks out Chloe S for clarity on her comments about Pete being unhappy.


It's round two for Pete and Liam when they come face to face after their last scrap, but animosity is still in the air, with Liam dubbing Pete 'the village idiot.'

Lockie introduces new girlfriend Yazmin to Pete and Megan, but is there an underlying tension between Yazmin and Megan?

Meanwhile, Gemma's revelation about she and Arg's Marbella rendezvous goes public, as Bobby first off mentions the liaison in front of Gemma's mum Joan, and then later when Debbie finds out the truth.

There's then more drama Lydia makes a welcome return from her travels but is stunned when she finds out Arg and Gemma slept together just hours before her own frisson with Arg.

Finally, Pete hosts Essex Doggy Style, an event celebrating Essex's four legged friends...

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Sunday 12th March at 10pm on ITVBe.