The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Gemma Collins makes shock baby confession

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight at 10PM on ITVBe and Gemma Collins has a surprise revelation.

TOWIE is back tonight, Wednesday 8th March, at 10pm on ITVBe and just one episode in the usual drama is in full swing.

In this evening'sshow, Gemma returns to Essex after her spell in hospital in Tenerife and, as she speaks of her longing for a baby

But in the chat, the GC she has a surprise confession for Chloe S, Bobby and Georgia about the lengths she’s gone to…


Meanwhile, The fall out of Liam’s rumour about Dan and Amber T is in full flow, with virtually everyone in Essex caught up in the ensuing drama.

Pete vents his frustrations about Liam to Lockie, but could there be an underlying cause behind Pete losing his cool?

The pressure starts to get to Amber T, and after bumping into Dan while out in Essex, she breaks down in tears in front of Megan and Pete, and confesses to ongoing problems with boyfriend Jamie.

As Jamie vows to get to the bottom of the speculation about Dan and Amber T, the women of Essex discuss the fall out and whether they believe there is any truth behind what Liam has said. Lockie also urges Dan to speak to Jamie.

The Only Way Is Essex airs tonight - Wednesday 8th March - at 10pm on ITVBe.