PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother latest as housemates kick off in new task

Here are all of the latest pictures from tonight's celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The remaining housemates are waking up as CBB finalists

Jedward are enjoying a bath; “Everyone from Ireland is probably like ‘oh my god Jedward have made it to the final!’ We’ve earned our position in the final.”

After running out of underwear, John borrows a pair of knickers from Bianca.

For a new task task, Big Brother launches CBB TV; housemates will take part in their very own TV show.

Bianca and Jedward present a home shopping channel called Selling Yourself Short.

As part of the task, the presenters must demonstrate and try products on sale. These include: a ‘mystery can’ filled with dog food which the presenters taste, John being waxed using ‘painless wax strips’ and a ‘health smoothie’ with contains mushroom soup, fish sauce, cottage cheese spinach and fermented egg which the presenters taste and pretend to enjoy

As part of the CBB TV task, housemates take part in CBB TV’s quiz show: Who Is It?

Housemates are lined up behind individual podiums with buzzers. For the first round, housemates are played clips from CBB fans and they must guess who the fans are talking about. In round two, housemates must guess the missing name from viewers’ tweets. For the final round, Big Brother plays in diary rooms and housemates must guess who they are talking about.

The task causes an epic row between the housemates as tensions between the final six reach breaking point.

As final part of the CBB TV task, its bed time stories with James Cosmo. James assigns roles to the Housemates

Bianca plays the Princess who is trying to get to the ball, Coleen plays the Fairy Godmother, Kim plays the Evil Wizard, Jedward play the two-headed Troll and Nicola plays the handsome Prince.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.