PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother housemates face final judgement before one is evicted

Here are all of the pictures from this evening's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

In tonight's show, Housemates are unaware that either Kim, Jamie, Jedward, Calum or Nicola will be evicted from the Big Brother House.

Housemates face the final judgement task in an ‘Interrogation Room,” one by one while the other Housemates bear witness via the screen in the living area. They are each provided with 'viewer feedback' in the form of Tweets.

Housemates are then gathered in Big Brother’s courtroom. Judge Vanessa Feltz enters for the final verdict and announces that all weekend, the Housemates have been judged, and the evidence has now been reviewed.

All weekend the public have been voting to save. The guilty Housemates is handcuffed, and led away from the house - to be revealed tonight.

Housemates are left reeling from the shock departure, “It’s a s**t way of going,” Coleen muses.


Later on in the evening, a row kicks off between Calum and Jedward, who won't stop singing.

Calum and some of the Housemates are trying to sleep. He says that he wants the evening to end so the lights can go out, “I’ll be the moody guy, I’ll be Debbie Downer.”

The singing continues and Calum leaves his bed and goes into the living room. “I’m begging you, it’s all fun but I’ve just asked you not to sing.”

Jedward explain they were trying to cheer people up after the shock eviction. Calum says that although he “respects” the boys, “you don’t f**king respect me cos you wanna argue with me. You’re bang out of order.”

"All we’re doing is singing a song…it’s about life, I know it’s cheesy but you can sleep when you’re dead,” Jedward retort.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.