PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother drama as housemates get messages from home with a twist

Here are all the latest pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

And it's an emotional one as this week’s shopping task begins. Housemates are presented with a variety of scenarios and all they must do to win the luxury-shopping budget is to resist temptation and leave the room completely undisturbed. Housemates are not permitted to discuss their temptations.

Kim is tempted with a phone call from her husband Peter

Jamie is tempted with a phone call from his dad Paul

Coleen is tempted with an opportunity to see her son Shane Jnr

Bianca is tempted with an opportunity to see her mum Sheryl

Jessica and Nicola are tempted by video messages from their children


Speidi are tempted by a video message from Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt

Jedward are tempted by a video message from friend and actress Tara Reid

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Jedward challenge Heidi to a chilli eating contest before the pair end up rowing with Nicola McLean.

Nicola reveals she is suspicious of Edward; “You’re trying to stir up something!”

John then comments that Nicola’s eye make-up ‘looks different’, she snaps; “You talk so much b*llocks! Why don’t you say ‘Nicola you look bad?’ I don’t give a f**k how I look!”

Meanwhile, Speidi are in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I think Calum likes to stick with likeable people, he’s nice to everyone…even us! It’s going to get more cut throat!

"Every day we have plans and schemes. Finals weeks are when the games start! We’re not playing anymore. It is on if we make it past Friday.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.