PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother drama with boyfriend shocks, nominations and rows

Here are all the pictures from tonight's dramatic Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

In tonight's show, Stacy is evicted, Bianca's secret 'boyfriend' is revealed to the house and face to face nominations take place.

During this evening's episode, Coleen Nolan hosts 'Big Brother's Bit On The Inside' as part of a new task with panellists, Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn.

One topic up for discussion is romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Jamie and Bianca join the panel.

Then, for seemingly no reason other than to cause drama, Big Brother played back Bianca's coded chat about her 'mum' - understood to really be about her partner on the outside - to the housemates.

Bianca explains herself: "It's something I need to sort out but I had no intentions of romance within the house but it has happened and I feel terrible for it. In here you can't have that conversation."


Jamie reacts: "You did say you were single though... "

Later, as seen live last night, Stacy becomes the next housemate to be evicted.

The next Nominations then begin.

The housemates took part in a special nominations card game in order to determine who else would be up.

Housemates each had to randomly pick and turn over a card. Some cards say SAVE: this means the choice is not nominated, some cards say NOMINATE: this means the choice will face the public vote this week and some cards say JOKER: this means if someone picks this card, then they are powerless in the nominations. James C (immune) and Speidi (eternally nominated) cannot be selected

The results - and fallout - will air in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 at 9PM on Channel 5.