PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2017's most explosive night as housemates kick off

Here are all the pictures from tonight's very dramatic Celebrity Big Brother highlights.

After a slow start to the series, things kick off tonight with an explosive recap of yesterday's house action.

In the morning, housemates wake up after booze filled night as Nicola asks: “Is Tom [Nicola's husband] is gonna hate me?”

In the Diary Room, Angie is talking about her clients as a personal trainer “to the stars.” She names a few including Cher and Priscilla Presley. Big Brother sets Angie a task; to run a “January Detox Programme” for the Housemates she believes are the unhealthiest.

Housemates are gathered on the sofa and Big Brother announces Angie’s special task. Angie picks, James C, Coleen, Ray J, Brandon and Calum to undertake the detox. However not all take well to Angie's healthy living plan.

Later on, Stacy and Austin get involved in a big bust up over Ray J before Big Brother gathers Housemates for a game of ‘Who’s Lying Now?’ In order to pass, three Housemates must successfully deceive their fellow Housemates. Three housemates have been voted by the viewers as the least trustworthy: Coleen, Jasmine and Speidi. In each round, one of those three must tell a lie and Housemates must identify the liar.


In the task, the untrustworthy Housemates must reveal who they have nominated; one of them will be lying and two will be telling the truth. Coleen and Speidi’s true nominations are revealed while Coleen is upset that the public voted her as one of the least trustworthy,

Austin then goes to the Diary room “ready to go home.” He says he misses his boyfriend and it’s really affected him. He screams that he wants to go home and cries. “I’m not liking it; I’m not enjoying it!”

The day comes to an explosive end as James J and Austin Armacost clash in a vicious row in the bedroom while most of the Housemates are asleep.

Austin starts: “You f**king bell-end, d**k-head, d**k-cheese, f**king c**t, gutter-rat, twat.” J


James tells him it’s about time someone “stood up” to Austin’s “boring, petty, s**ty behaviour, little c**t, trying to come up against me you little p***k. Goodnight mate, love you.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.