PICTURES! First Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations and the fallout!

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 as the first nominations take place.

Almost a week after the launch night, the housemates nominate and a number of them are revealed to be up for the public vote.

Following last week's opening live show, this year's cast of All Stars and New Stars were split up as All Stars were made ‘The Producers’ and over the first few days, had to pick which of the New Stars were the least entertaining to ‘edit out'. They chose Stacy, James, Brandon, Bianca and Ray J to 'edit out' of the show.

On Friday night the house saw a first twist as it was revealed that the edited out housemates had LOST their power to nominate this weekend.

The only unedited New Star housemates - Angie and Jamie - then had to nominate one of the edited out housemates to face the first eviction. James Cosmo was the unlucky housemate who was put up for the first eviction of the series.


In tonight's show, Angie, Jamie and the All Star housemates must nominate, each going to the Diary Room where they're seen giving the two names of the celebs they want out. Already nominated James C and new housemates Jedward can NOT be nominated.

Once nominations are complete, Big Brother gathers the group on the sofas to reveal the results and it prompts a LOT of varied reactions...

Elsewhere tonight, Coleen reflected on her original CBB experience with James Cosmo, saying she "loved it" despite hard days and revealed how it had changed her as a person.

And Jedward decided to mummify James Jordan using the house's coloured toilet roll before challenging the Strictly dancer to break out.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.