PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tears, romance and all about Kim Kardashian

Here are all of the latest pictures from the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house ahead of the latest highlights.

In the show on Channel 5 tonight, All Stars and New Stars wake up to their first full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

For this week’s task the All Stars have been assigned the role as CBB producers. Last night, The Producers had to edit out the New Stars they deemed the least entertaining. They chose to ‘edit out’ Stacy and James C.

Some of the housemates are quizzing Ray J about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. He says that he and Kim “were the same kind of players,” Stacy disagrees. She recalls being at Ray J’s family home and seeing the relationship first-hand, “She was really into you.” Ray J says Stacy only saw the relationship from the outside and says that he has never “crossed paths” with Kim since the relationship ended.


For today’s task the All Star Producers will hold screen tests with the New Star Housemates. The Producers have a portfolio of the News Stars and will interview them one at a time.

During the interviews, when asked which Housemate he would have sex with, Jamie names Jasmine; Brandon thinks Big Brother might unleash his wilder side, Angie thinks that Spencer is untrustworthy; Bianca says she has only ever kissed Calum and might do it again and Ray J says he would like to be recognised for his music rather than his past.


At the end of the interviews, the Producers deliberate and Spencer whispers, ‘We’re gonna go with your mum, it’s not me, we’re team.” “No we’re not,’ Calum replies then announces Brandon as the next New Star to be edited out due to his “elusive” answers.

James J, Austin and Calum are in the garden talking about the task. James thinks that Spencer has found Calum’s “Achilles Heel,” in Angie. Calum disagrees but feels that Spencer isn’t being malicious, “He just likes to rile things up.” Calum adds: “Understand, he’s one with his missus, I’m two with my mum, I have a wing woman that counts as a person.”

Elsewhere in the show tonight, Coleen and Jamie are in the garden talking about Jasmine. He says that Jasmine is his type of girl, “I like wild,” but says he needs to be careful. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a flirt,” Coleen reassures.


In the Diary Room, Jasmine tells Big Brother that Spencer is trying to “hook” her and Jamie up. She says that Jamie is her type because he has the right attributes but “my type isn’t a newly divorced guy with three kids, so yes and no.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.