The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Drama and rows in the Christmas special!

TOWIE spoilers! Christmas special preview! The Only Way Is Essexmas

The Only Way Is Essex's Christmas special is here... it's the Only Way Is Essexmas!

The festive season is upon our Essex favourites, but it's far from a quiet Christmas for the cast with plenty of drama.

It's not the season of goodwill for all, as Gemma and Bobby go from best of friends to frenemies as a celebratory nut roast with Lauren G and Lydia leads to barbed comments and insults being exchanged across the dinner table.

The flare up begins when Bobby claims Gemma's crush on Jon Clark is the result of a 'mid life crisis' which the GC fails to see the funny side in.

Then, when Bobby then talks about wanting to have a baby, the conversation is further soured when Bobby tells Lydia he'd rather use her eggs over Gemma's.

Meanwhile, Danni and Lockie continue to move on from one another as they settle into new relationships, but Danni is apprehensive as she and some of the gang head to Liverpool to celebrate Lockie's birthday.

Having presented him with his birthday gift, Danni begins to become emotional as Lockie talks about his new girlfriend - what does the future really hold for Essex's most on/off pairing?

Elsewhere, Kate embraces her independence as she moves into a new property, but Dan tells Chloe S and Megan his feelings for her are still lingering - is he about to make another play for her affections?

Pete and Megan are officially back together, as Pete reconnects with her family - but is Megan's trust really restored, especially when Pete announces he's off to Liverpool with Lockie...

Finally, there's a touching tribute to the late Nanny Pat as Carol and Debbie celebrate her life.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essexmas on Sunday 18th December at 10pm.

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