PICTURES! The Only Way Is Essex spoilers: Debbie and Danni Square Off

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight ITVBe and there's a dramatic showdown.

Chloe L is right in the thick of the action when she finally reaches out to Kate to speak about the rumours surrounding her comments on Dan. When they eventually meet up, Kate is quick to throw further accusations Chloe's way, which leads to Chloe storming off...

Lydia is determined to resolve the animosity between Georgia and Chloe L and calls a surprise meeting for the two but can they clear the air or is this one Essex friendship that's seen its day?

Debbie and Danni come face to face for the first time since Debbie's message to Danni, with both eager for an apology from the other.

Pete continues on his mission to prove his regret to Megan by approaching both her mum and her dad to seek their forgiveness. But will the protective parents be willing to listen?

It's an eventful day for Bobby who braves Gatsby's plane with Jon. After a tense mile high experience, Bobby unwinds with a bath and a catch up with GC.

Meanwhile Courtney fills Lydia and Chloe M in on her date with Irkan, while Chloe L enjoys another meeting with Ben.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex, on Wednesday 19th October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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