PICTURES! The Only Way Is Marbs is here with plenty of drama

The Only Way Is Essex kicks off its latest series on Sunday night with the cast in Marbella once again.

TOWIE is back, but as the gang head off for their annual Marbella escapades, the drama is quick to follow….

Arg feels guilty having sent Lydia a venomous email which he shares with a shocked Diags and Dan, but later that night, he ends up back in bed with Lydia. While Arg remains hopeful of a reunion, Lydia is filled with instant regret.

When the pair come face to face at Megan’s birthday, is Lydia about to put paid to any glimmer of a future for the estranged couple?

Meanwhile, Lockie ponders over his broken relationship with Danni in Marbella, Danni and Kate remain in the UK, with Danni eager to avoid an awkward exchange with Lockie.

When Megan persuades her to fly out for her birthday, Danni arrives and immediately finds herself thrown into a one to one with Lockie. As Danni explains her reasons for the break up, can the pair find a way of moving on without each other?

Megan herself is gearing up for her birthday celebration, but tensions between Megan and Courtney and Chloe M are still palpable. Meanwhile, Chloe S and Courtney trade insults after Chloe S overhears Courtney talking about Danni, and Pete has a surprise birthday gift for Megan.

Elsewhere, two new boys catch the eye of Courtney and Chloe M…

The drama commences in The Only Way Is Marbs on Sunday 9th October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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