PICTURES! Sunday's X Factor 2016 auditions as try outs move to Leicester for first time ever

Here are all of the X Factor 2016 auditions from tonight's show as the try outs continue.

And in this evening's episode, the judges move to Leicester for the first time in The X Factor's history.

Those singing for the judges tonight include Faye Hrone, a 24 year-old accounts admin assistant from Warwickshire who puts her spin on Sam Smith.

We also meet Ritchie Stevens, who we wouldn't be shocked to learn is actually related to Stevie Ritchie, as well as Linda St-Claire who sings Shakira.

The Brooks, 17 year-old twins Kyle and Josh from Cardiff, become the latest duo to audition for the judges but will their cover of Naughty Boy get them through to bootcamp?

More contestants also hoping for yeses this evening are Antonia Mirat, an opera singer from Croatia, Zbignew Bialczak, a rent control officer from Poland, and Ivy Grace Paredes, a mother of one from the Philippines.

As this year's auditions draw to a close, some of the final few acts to sing for a place in the next stage are Aeron Smith, a 20 year-old from Manchester and Olivia Garcia, a 16 year-old music college student from Wigan.

Rounding the night off is Anelisa Lamola, a 26 year-old barmaid from London, originally from South Africa who first auditioned for The X Factor NINE years ago.

But who will make it through to bootcamp?

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue tonight at 8PM on ITV.

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