PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother latest sees nominations, snogs and a food fight

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 highlights.

On this evening's show it's the morning after the rows before and Marnie talks to Saira. Bear also apologises to Saira, although she's not impressed.

Bear and Heavy D tease James and touch his head in the kitchen as they dance and sing “I’m horny tonight” before a food fight ensues.

James throws a packet of ground coffee over Bear and then Bear retaliates and throws sugar and milk over James

The Housemates are seen nominating for the first time and the results will be revealed later in tonight’s show.

Saira, James and Biggins discuss nominations following the nominations results being announced to the Housemates.

Biggins gives Saira and James different names to those that he nominated.

Later, the housemates play truth of dare in the garden and Chloe gives Heavy D a peck on the cheek and the Marnie and Lewis snog.

Afterwards, Lewis, Katie and Frankie are in the bathroom and Lewis shows Frankie his penis.

Lewis says: "Frankie, do you want to see if I've got a big piece…And that’s just down!"​

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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