PICTURES! Big Brother's 'Twisted Carnival' sees two housemates evicted

Here are all of the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2016 as a twisted carnival sees two leave.

In this evening's episode at 10PM on Channel 5, Housemates wake up to find that the Garden transformed into a Twisted Carnival.

Jayne reveals how much she loves funfairs and says “I’m a real kid when it comes to funfairs…after yesterday, spirits needed to be raised especially for Andy and Jason.”

For the first part of Big Brother’s Twisted Carnival, Housemates take it in turns to test their strength. Housemates must swing Big Brother’s Strong Man Mallet onto the target, in order to ring a bell. If the bell rings, housemates must take a question from the Lucky Dip.

Housemates then choose Jason to carry out the next task, Big Brother’s Coconut Shy. Each target has the face of each of the remaining eight Housemates. Jason has 30 seconds to knock down each one; those that remain standing will not receive a prize. As a result, Jason, Alex, Adam and Andy receive the winning prize of a fast food meal. Hughie, Jayne, Evelyn and Jackson go without.

For the final game in the Twisted Carnival task Housemates hear some Truths from the public, delivered from Zoltar. Housemates are rewarded for being the Most Memorable, Least Happiest and Least Popular.

But in a twist, Big Brother announces that the two least Popular Housemates have been evicted. The public has been voting for their Winner and voting has been frozen since Friday. These two Housemates received the least votes and must there for leave the house immediately.

After the shock, the remaining six housemates share a toast to “Big Brother and all our fallen Housemates.” They all cheer as they watch a slide show on the big screen of their time in the house.

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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