PICTURES! Big Brother drops a bombshell and Andy is NOT happy

Here are all of the latest pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2016 house highlights.

In this evening's show Annihilation week is coming to an end but there's one more twist.

With the group still split into Rich and Poor sides, after rules were broken by some of the poor housemates, Big Brother announces that ALL poor housemates will be punished

The poor housemates’ food is replaced with slop, and all poor housemates have to wear sacks as Big brother reminds the group that individual actions have an impact on the house

Some of the housemates complain about having to wear a sack while Andy is annoyed that he his been punished when he didn’t rule break

In the smoking area, Jayne apologies to Andy before she announces that if anyone breaks the rules today, that is ‘taking the p*ss’

In the diary room, Andy is complaining about his ‘selfish, rule breaking housemates' but in general the rest of the group don't seem to mind as Ryan gets everyone dancing and singing.

Later an epic shaving foam fight breaks out but unimpressed Jayne and Andy complain.

They go on to moan about having the same conservations in the house and speculate if their housemates have ever actually worked or want a job

Meanwhile, on the sofas, Evelyn enjoys giving Alex a back massage but tempers end up flaring between her and Laura.

Big Brother airs tonight, LIVE from 9PM on Channel 5.

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