PICTURES! Big Brother latest sees a new task and nominations played back!

Here's all of the latest pictures from tonight's latest Big Brother 2016 highlights show.

On this evening's episode, the Big Brother house looks more like a scene out of The Office for this week's shopping task.

And Big Brother even has its own David Brent in the form of Chelsea Singh, who is the boss of Big Brother's Corporation, BigB Corp.

All housemates are provided with uniforms as they go to work for BB Corp, led by boss Chelsea.

To pass the task, housemates must not break the employee rules and should complete all challenges set.

One of those challenges involved nominated housemates Georgina, Evelyn, Andy and Jayne dealing with 'complaints from disgruntled customers'.

In fact they had phone calls from Big Brother playing back nominations as they heard who had nominated them and the reasons they gave.

The nominated housemates had to keep their cool and deal with the comments in order to pass the task.

If their client satisfaction score remains high enough by the end, they'll win a luxury budget for the next week ahead, otherwise it'll be another week on basic rations.

Following the nominations revelation, there were a few clashes with Jackson confronting Emma after she raised his name in her nomination of Georgina.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with tonight's show at 10PM.

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