PICTURES! Big Brother 2016 house evacuated after flooding and one housemate escapes!

Here are all the pictures from tonight's latest Big Brother 2016 highlights.

In this evening's show there's a major incident as the house is evacuated due to flooding when the ceiling above the living room bursts open and water pours in.

The housemates are moved to The Other House and in the mayhem, Jayne ESCAPES as she makes a run for it.

However she's quickly brought back to the Diary Room and hauled in front of Big Brother.

Jayne's great escape follows on from the fallout of the previous days arguments with Jayne and Natalie locking horns once again as the pair clashed in the bedroom.

Elsewhere, Jason had some harsh words for ex Charlie as he sat her down to tell her they weren't ever going to get together again.

Later, Charlie confronted Evelyn over comments she had seen in the shopping task where Evelyn had accused Charlie of potentially 'using' Jason.

Meanwhile, Sam spoke to Evelyn over her comments about him being a game player and Georgina and Jackson spoke about their potential future together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5, live with host Emma Willis.

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