PICTURES! More explosive rows follow Big Brother stirring up trouble

Here's a first look at tonight's Big Brother and it's set to be another explosive set of highlights.

Yesterday's show saw a bust up over booze that resulted in Natalie being issued a formal warning and leaving the house for the night.

After spending the evening in Big Brother's spare bedroom, she returned but there were immediately clashes as wine-gate rumbled on beteen her and Laura.

Not content with the already frosty and tense atmosphere in the house, Big Brother then stirred things up.

As part of the latest shopping task, housemates watched clips of one another speaking about other people.

And by 'speaking' we of course mean bitching behind their backs.

Cue a string of dramatic showdowns and arguments in the fallout including Jayne v Natalie, Hughie v Lateysha and Evelyn v Charlie.

Elsewhere on tonight's episode, Emma retreats to the storeroom to get away from the rows and focus on her yoga while Jason and Charlie's relationship takes another turn.

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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