PICTURES! Preview tonight's EXPLOSIVE Big Brother 2016 highlights!

Here are all of the latest pictures from what's set to be an explosive Big Brother 2016 highlights show tonight.

There's a MAJOR fight involving Natalie that sees her receive an official warning before spending the night in the spare bedroom.

And that's not the only row with an angry Jayne unhappy with the state of the house, clashing against Lateysha, Sam and Chelsea.

“I’ll call a meeting if I have to. I don’t intend to live in squalor," Jayne says.

Elsewhere tonight, Big Brother reveals its latest shopping task for the housemates as they're challenged to complete 'mind games'

Lateysha, Andy and Chelsea are appointed as the brainpower housemates, and they must decide the outcome of five tasks designed to test their fellow housemates.

In the garden, Laura and Sam are first up for the sensory test. They must try and withstand staying in a bath full of putrid and disgusting water whist eating their favourite lunch. If the brainpower housemates guess correctly who will stay and who will give up, they will pass the task.

For the second part of the week’s shopping task, housemates’ brains are tested on their powers of perception. Lateysha, Andy and Chelsea are asked to rate their housemates in a series of questions and the Housemates must correctly predict the answers they gave.

Questions included which housemate is the most and least honest, most and least fake, most and least lazy and most and least sexy.

In the third part of the task, Natalie and Hughie are selected to work together through Big Brother’s emotional assault course. Hughie is blindfolded and Natalie must give him directions and guide him around the course.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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